Poker Glossary T

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Table Stakes
All poker games are played table stakes. This means one can only bet what one has in front of him on the table on any given hand. Players cannot reach into their pockets and add to their bets. If a player runs out of chips in front of him in the middle of a hand, he or she is considered all in.

In a no limit game, if you tap your opponent you are making a bet equal to all of his chips.

Tapping the Aquarium

To tell an amateur player what he/she is doing wrong.

Three of a Kind
A poker hand consisting of three cards of the same rank.

Three Wise Men
Three of a kind, with three kings.

Someone who does not play many hands.

Any player can go “on tilt”. Often when someone loses a big hand or has a good hand cracked (bad beat) it causes them to tilt. Tilt is when you play recklessly or emotionally based on previous hands, most often losses.


A slow-play that will entice your opponent to bet and stay in the pot, all the while you know you have an unbeatable hand.

Training (Poker Training)

Training in poker generally refers to poker training sites and courses, or poker tools, solvers and calculators.

Popular online poker-training sites over the years have included:

  • RunitOnce

View a breakdown of popular training sites and courses here.

The holdem starting hand Ace-Jack (AJ).

Three of a kind. Usually where the player has one of the cards in their hand and two on the board (eg a player has 8,3 and the flop is 8,8,4). Also see Set.

This is the fourth board card that comes out in holdem, the card after the flop.

Two Pair
Two pair is a poker hand consisting of two pairs.