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Poker Glossary

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Paint, Paint Cards

Picture cards or face cards (Jack, Queen and King). .

A pair is two cards of the same rank. In holdem poker, if you held A9 and the board cards were 5AJ you would have a pair of Aces. If you had the pair in your hole cards, it is called a “pocket pair”.

To fold.

Someone who does not bet and raise a lot.

Picked Off
To get called when you are bluffing.

Picture Cards

Face cards (Jack, Queen and King).

An easy player.

The spots or marks on the face of a card.

Abbreviation for Pot-Limit.

Play Money
Playing for fun or fake money. Usually online poker sites have free games with play money. This allows players to practice without wagering real dollars. Most online casinos and online poker rooms have “play money” games.

Playing the Board

In holdem if the five board cards make up a better hand than the players hands. For example a flush with 5 higher ranked cards than the players hole cards, then the player is said to be “playing the board”.

Abbreviation for Pot Limit Omaha.

Pocket Pair
In holdem if you are dealt two hole cards of the same rank.

Pocket Rockets
The holdem starting hand Ace-Ace (AA).

Poker Hand
A group of five cards which are ranked according to the hand rankings.

Your seating position at the poker table is referred to as “position”. While your physical seat stays the same, your “position” changes with each hand. The dealer (player with the dealer button) has the best position because he/she acts last in the betting round, therefore the dealer can see all other players actions before deciding whether how to play the hand. Preflop the person to the left of the big blind, or after the flop the small blind are the worst positions as the player has to act first and does not get any chance to read the other players from their bets before putting money into the pot. This position is sometime called “under the gun”.

Pot Committed
When you have put so much money into a pot it is not worth folding to another small raise, even if you think you may have been beaten.

Pot Limit

A betting structure in which the maximum size bet is the size of the pot plus the amount you would bet if you reraised.

Pot Odds
This is the odds you are getting when you are drawing, without considering future bets. Basically, if you are drawing to hit your hand, you want to make sure there is enough money in the pot to justify drawing. The way you do this is you calculate your expected value of hitting your hand, which is called pot odds.

The simple mathematical formula for pot odds is:

(pot + bet) * (chance of hitting) >= bet

For example, say you have a flush draw of diamonds. You are fairly certain you will win if you hit the flush but will lose otherwise. Thus, there are 9 other diamonds out there (13 – your two, – two on board), so you have a roughly 20% chance of hitting a flush on the next card. If the pot is 90, and the bet is 10, you have odds with your flush draw.

(90 +10) *.20= 20
18>10, so you should call

However, lets say the pot is 10, you’re at the turn (one card left) and your opponent bets 40. So the pot is 50 (including his bet) and the bet is 40 to you.

(50 + 40) *.20= 18
18 < 40, so you should fold.

For more help with pot odds, feel free to use our pot odds calculator:

Also see out article on Calculating Pot Odds

The stage of a holdem game when you have two cards in your hand and there are no cards on the board yet.

Prop is short for proposition player. A prop player is paid to play poker. The player plays hands with his own money but has each hand subsidized; receive a payment for playing a certain amount of hands or are paid an wage per hour to play. A lot of online poker rooms use propositional players to keep their games active.

Puppy Feet, Pups
A club flush or just a suit of clubs.