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Poker Glossary

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To bet an amount only equal to the previous bet. You must at least “call” other players bets to stay in the hand or you can raise, otherwise you must fold your hand. If no one before you makes a bet, you can also just “check” the hand and stay in the game until another player raises.

Calling Station
A calling station is a player who calls a lot. They do not consider other players hands, they just stay in to see if their hand will win, often drawing long odds to make a real hand. They do not bluff much and are generally not aggressive, they just call a lot.

Candy Canes

The holdem starting hand Seven-Seven (77). Pocket sevens.

The holdem starting hand King-Nine (K9), sometimes referred to as “The Dog”

In limit poker the cap is the maximum amount of raises allowed in each betting round. A common cap seen in online poker games is 4 bets per round (one bet and three raises).

The case card is the last card available of a particular rank in the deck. For example, if my hole cards are pocket fives and the board is AK5 and another five comes out on the turn, that final card (making a four of a kind using all available fives in the deck) is considered the case five.

To call in the hopes of hitting a draw. This word often describes someone who will call even with bad odds. For example, someone who “chases” a card to make a straight or flush draw.


In a betting round, if there are no previous bets or raises on a hand, players can “check” the hand and continue to play without wagering any more money. You must “call” to stay in the hand if someone raises. You can signify a check by tapping the table twice, and/or saying “check”.

Quite possibly one of the scariest plays in poker. A player “checks” the hand, to see what his opponents play will be, but has every intention of re-raising if his opponent raises him. This is a technique used to get more money into the pot and an effective play in a limit game.

Cold Call
A cold call is a call against a pot that has already been bet and raised. For example, preflop, you are in late position, two players have already raised the blinds and you call the two bets. It is a cold move because the other two players already believe they have very good hands, your call basically says you believe your hand is just as good.

Cold Cards
A player who is receiving cold cards is usually an experienced player who is having bad luck due to a long running string of bad cards.

Collusion is a form of cheating. Players will work in a team to try to gain an advantage over the other players. They will somehow signal to each other what their cards are. They will then use this information to gain an unfair advantage. Collusion is illegal. It is sometimes hard for brick and mortar cardrooms to detect colluders, but online poker rooms can track potential colluders because they can review hand histories.

Color Up

During a poker tournament or cash game, the house may elect to remove the smaller denomination chips from play. Usually a “color up” will result in removing those big stacks of chips from players and replacing them with a smaller quantity of higher denomination chips.

Community Cards
The 5 cards that are dealt on to the table that the “community” of players can use to make their best five (5) card hand. Sometimes known as the “board cards”.

Computer Hand
The holdem starting hand Queen-Seven (Q7). A starting hand that on average is the median of all other hands.

Connectors (connected) are hole cards are consecutive, like TJ, 56, 89. “Suited Connectors” are consecutive hole cards that share the same suit. JQ of spades, 78 diamonds.

Sometimes a card will come on the board that will destroy your hand because it makes a previously valuable card in your hand communal property. For example, suppose you hold A8 in a game of Holdem Poker. The board is 4567. You hold a straight to the 9! However, if the final card on the river comes a 8, your hand is counterfeited, because everyone has a eight high straight or a player with a 9 can beat you.

The holdem starting hand King-King (KK).

The holdem starting hand Three-Three (33).

Cutoff Seat
The seat to the right of the dealer, the second-best position to be on the table.