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The holdem starting hand Four-Four (44). Pocket Fours.

Sandbagging is another term for slow-play. To check or bet weakly when you have a strong hand.

A mini-tournament to gain an entry into a larger tournament.

A player who plays with no sense. Example (all in with a 2,9)

Similar to the slow play or sandbagging, betting a very strong hand fairly lightly in order to induce a call.


A semi-bluff is when a player makes a bet with a hand that is currently weak but has the potential to become a very strong hand. A common example is when someone has a flush draw and makes a bet into the pot. The bettor hopes that the other players will fold, and he wil win the pot right there. However, even if the other players do not fold, he still has a good chance at improving and winning the pot anyway.

Three of a kind where a player has a pocket pair and gets a third with the community cards. Also see Trips.


A shark is a good player and typically wins. A shark generally “eats” fish, the weaker amatuer players.

A shill player is a who is paid by the house and plays with the house money.

This refers to a poker game with six or fewer people.

Short Stack
A number of chips that is not very many compared to the other players at the table. If you have $10 in front of you, and everybody else at the table has over $100, you are playing on a short stack.

A tournament with no rebuys. When you lose all your chips, you’re out. More usually called a freezeout or, in the case of a single table, a sit-and-go.

In a multi-way pot, a sidepot is created for other players if one player goes all-in. These other players bets and raises will go to the sidepot, and only the players that participated in the sidepot are eligible to win it.

Slowplaying is a great poker play, basically the opposite of bluffing. It means to check or bet weakly on a strong hand. The point of the slowplay is so your opponent can get a better hand but you know that your hand can not be beaten (the nuts). The purpose is to get more money into the pot by “bluffing” that you have nothing.

Small Blind

The smaller of the two forced bets preflop. The player to the left of the dealer posts the small blind.

The holdem starting hand Eight-Eight (88).

Speed Limit
The holdem starting hand Five-Five (55).

Throwing your chips into the pot is called “Splashing the pot” and is considered bad etiquette in poker.

The holdem starting hand of Seven-Ten (7T). Named after a ten pin bowling term “the dreaded 7-10 split” the pins on opposite sides of the pin deck.

An adjective describing chips. For example, “He has a massive stack”.

Re-raising to make a player(s) call two bets instead of one.

Steel The Blinds

Win just the blinds by bluffing; get the blinds to fold, usually by opening in late position, and thus win the blinds.

Stone Cold Nuts
The best holding possible in a hand of poker that will win the entire pot (as opposed to possibly winning only half or some fraction). Such an example would be holding a suited ace and making a flush with it on an unpaired board in holdem. This is in contrast to holding an ace high straight, which even though it may not possibly be beaten, could end up in a tie with another one.

A ‘straddle’ bet is a bet that can be made by the player to the left of the big blind, before the cards are dealt. It is simply like placing a third blind bet equivalent to or larger than the big blind, to encourage bigger pots. If straddles are specifically allowed or encouraged in the game being played, the player who made the straddle bet often will be given the option to raise after the blinds have acted. A straddle can also be known as a live blind or live raise.

A poker hand consisting of 5 cards in order of rank. For example, 45678.

Straight Flush
A poker hand consisting of 5 cards of the same suit and in order. A straight flush is a straight and a flush.

String Bet
In a live game, someone does a string bet if they act like they are going to call but then make a raise. For example, it is standard etiquette that putting the requisite chips for a call into the pot just means a call. If one wants to raise, he or she needs to announce raise before placing chips into the pot. They cannot say “I call your bet” … but then raise you; They must say “I raise.” String bets confuse players as to whether the player is calling or raising, so they are not allowed.


The portion of the deck which has not been dealt.

It means someone hit a draw against you to win the hand.

Suicide King
King of Hearts. So named because in the drawing the king appears to be stabbing himself in the head.

Spades, hearts, diamonds, or clubs. In holdem poker, no suit outranks another. A flush is the only hand that used suits.

Refers to a holdem starting hand with two cards of the same suit. Suited hands are slightly better than unsuited hands because there is a chance of a flush.

Sunset Strip
The holdem starting hand Seven-Seven (77).