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Poker Glossary

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Rabbit Hunt
When you win a poker hand, your opponent sometimes wants to know if they would have beat you if they stayed in the hand. When your opponent is “rabbit hunting” they ask the dealer to deal the flop, turn or river cards to see what would have come out. Rabbit hunting is frowned upon when playing poker and banned from most tournaments.

Useless cards or cards that don’t improve your hand.


This describes a flop of all different suits, reducing the chance of a flush.

To make a bet larger than the previous bet, thus forcing the original bettor to call the difference or fold.

This is the fee the poker rooms charge players. It is usually a percentage of the pot. For example, online poker rooms take up to 10% as a fee for hosting the game. However, brick and mortar casinos will charge players an hourly rate instead of raking hands.

This is the a refund of a % of the rake the poker room charges the player. With a good poker rakeback deal, players can get  a refund of up to 50% of cash-game rake and tournament fees.

The number or letter on the card. Ace is the highest rank and 2 is the lowest. An Ace can also be used as a one (1) when creating a straight. Ranks are abbreviated as follows: A – Ace, K – King, Q – Queen, J – Jack, T – Ten, 9 – Nine, 8 – Eight, 7 – Seven, 6 – Six, 5 – Five, 4 – Four, 3 – Three, 2 – Two.

The fifth and last community board card, after the turn. Also called fifth street.


This is a nickname for a type of player who will fold a lot. These types of players generally break even. They fold most of their losers, but will not aggressively bet their winners and will thus not make much money. They are also easily bullied out of pots.

The holdem starting hand Ace-Ace (AA).


A rounder is a semi-pro or professional player who makes a living or a significant amount of their income from playing poker.

Route 66
The holdem starting hand Six-Six (66).

Royal Flush
The poker hand consisting of AKQJT of the same suit. The royal flush is the highest ranking poker hand possible, the Ace high straight flush.

Runner/Running (or “Runner Runner”)
A hand that is completed by catching both required cards on the turn and river. “I was all-in with top two pair, and my opponent caught a running flush”.