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Poker Glossary

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A holdem starting hand with two cards of different suits. These hands are weaker than suited hands because there are less “outs” in the hand, as the chance of a flush is significantly decreased.

The holdem starting hand Nine-Eight (98).

Online Poker

Playing poker over the internet. People play online poker for fun or for real money. Online poker allows players all over the world to compete against each other. The internet gives poker players a no-borders game any time of the day or night.

On The Button
Being the last player to act in a betting round.

Cards that can improve your hand. If you have a 4 cards of a flush draw, then there are 9 other cards left in the deck that can give you the flush (13 out of 52 total) so you have a total of 9 “outs” to complete your hand.

When a player beats another player by drawing a superior hand.

Overbet the Pot
In a no limit game if a player bets more than the total pot, they have “overbet the pot”.


An overpair is a pocket pair that is higher than any card on the board. For example, if you hold pocket kings and the flop is Q97, you hold an overpair.

On the Come
When a bet is made “on the come” generally is weak hand that will be very strong if completed. Generally betting or calling (possibly against pot odds) to make a big hand, usually a flush or straight draw.

One-Way Straight
Or One-End. A four-card straight open only on one end, such as jack, queen, king, ace.

Open at Both Ends
A four-card sequence that can be made a straight by two different value cards. Also Open Ended Straight Draw.

Open Ended Straight Draw
Four cards to a straight, example 4567, drawing to either end of the straight, in this example a 3 or an 8. You have twice the chance of completing your straight with an open-ended straight draw than a inside straight where you are aiming to hit just 1 inside card.