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Poker Glossary

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The holdem starting hand Queen-Queen (QQ).

Refering to a Queen. A pair of queens (QQ) is often referred to as ladies.

Let Slide

To not call another player one thinks is probably bluffing.

The top card of the deck.

Limit Poker
Poker with set betting limits. In a $5-$10 limit poker game all bets and raises preflop and on the flop are $5 each, and the bets and raises after the turn and river cards are $10 each.

Limp, Limp In
A player “limps in” if he does not bet or raise, and only calls the big blind.

Limp Raise
To make a small raise preflop. Usually used when you have a very strong hand like AA and wish to provoke a re-raise.

Little Slick

The holdem starting hand Ace-Queen (AQ).

A hand that cannot lose.

This refers to a poker game with seven or more people. The odds of high cards being played are increased due to the amount of cards out on the table.

Someone who plays a lot of hands. A loose player is often either a maniac or a calling station.

Luck Out
To outdraw and beat a good hand.