Poker Glossary K

Poker Glossary

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A player who is on tilt so badly that they literally throw away their money with no regard or go all in with a rubbish or semi-strong hand.

Key Card
A card that gives a player a big draw or makes a player’s hand.

A kicker is a player’s highest card that is used to break ties in poker hands. For example, if two players make a pair of Aces, one is holding AK and the other AJ, then the player with the K is the winner. If the players had A3 and A2, and the board was A8J5K then the two players tie with the pair of Aces, but split the pot because the best 5 card hand is made up of AAKJ8 and their kicker cards are too low. Kickers are also used to determine which player wins a flush or straight, if two players have a flush, the player with the highest of the suited cards is the winner. If the flush is made up of all over cards, then the players suited kickers do not count, and the pot is split.

The hold’em starting hand King-Jack (KJ).


The hold’em starting hand King-King (KK).

Komodo Dragoned
When a player’s hand is defeated because of an opponent completing a straight or flush on the river.