Poker Glossary I

Poker Glossary

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A cold deck.

Idiot End
The idiot end straight refers to drawing to the bottom end of a straight. For example, if there is an open-ended straight on the board 789T and you have a 6, it is likely that someone has a Jack and will crush you.

An unbeatable hand.

Implied Odds
The same as pot odds except it takes into account making bets in the future. Thus, you may call a bet at the flop, but have implied odds of making bigger bets on later rounds if you hit your draw. So, if you have AK of diamonds and the flop comes two diamonds, your implied odds are what you have to call at the flop compared to how large the pot will be at the end of the hand.

Inside, Inside Straight
A draw to a straight with a single missing rank in the interior, for example, 8-9-J-Q, seeking a 10. Sometimes used to describe a one-end straight, which is mathematically equivalent.

In The Bushes, In The Weeds

A player sandbagging is said to be in the bushes during the time he is quietly checking and calling while others bet aggressively.

In The Money
To place high enough in a tournament to get prize money.

To play aggressively in order to drive out all but one specific opponent who you believe to be weak.