Poker Glossary H

Poker Glossary

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To bet and raise aggressively.

High Card
In any round of poker no player makes a ranking hand (pairs or better) then the person with the highest card “High Card” wins. If two players have the same high card, then their second highest card is taken as the winning kicker, and so on. If the players have the exact same 5 card rank hand, then the pot is split.

High Society
Gambler slang for $10,000.00 in chips. Mike McDermott buys “3 stacks of high society” at Teddy KGB’s place in the film Rounders.

Hilton Sisters
The holdem starting hand Queen-Queen (QQ). Also called “The Ladies”.

Hole Cards
The cards dealt to each player face down at the beginning of each hand.


The holdem starting hand Jack-Jack (JJ).