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Poker Glossary

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The cards of the fifth suit in a sixty-two card deck.

Early bet
A small bet made after the first card in stud or the first two cards in draw.

Early Position
Being one of the first players to act in a betting round.

The player to the dealer’s immediate left.

Edge Odds
The relative advantage or disadvantage of a player compared to all other players.

Edge Shot

A bet made from an advantageous position.

Eldest Hand
The player immediately to the dealer’s left. Bbecause they received the first card during the initial deal their hand is considered the oldest. Also called age or edge.

End Bet
The last bet of a betting round.

End Bets
Last round bets.

End Stippers
Cards that are tapered or damaged along the ends for the purposes of cheating.

Entry Fee

An amount payable for all tournaments, with the exception of free rolls. The entry fee can be anywhere from a few cents to thousands of dollars.

Your “rightful” share of a pot. If the pot contains $100, and you have a 1 in 4 chance of winning it, you have $25 equity in the pot.

Even Money
When a player makes a wager with the hopes that they will earn the amount that was initially wagered.


Your typical win rate for a particular game, ignoring variance. That is, how much you expect to win (or lose) per hour or per hand over a specific time period. For example in 100 hours play you have won $437, then your expectation is $4.35/hr.

Expected Value, EV
In probability theory, the overall expected payoff of a particular event, calculated by multiplying the probability of each possible outcome by the payoff from each. For example, if there are two possible outcomes from an event (say, flipping a coin), one of which pays $2 and the other of which pays nothing, your EV for the event is $1 (in the long run, if this event happened many times, you would average $1 per event). In poker, one generally associates an EV with a particular action. One’s EV from calling a bet, for example, is the sum of all possible outcomes from calling the bet multiplied by the probability of each. Note that since a bet costs money to make, the payoff of some outcomes–and therefore the EV itself–may be negative.

Exposed Card
A card whose face has been deliberately or accidentally revealed to players normally not entitled to that information during the play of the game. Various games have different rules about how to handle this irregularity.

Exposed Pair
As opposed to a spilt pair or a hidden pair.