Poker Glossary B

Poker Glossary

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Bad Beat
A bad beat is a loss in which the losing player had the better odds on the winning player earlier in the hand. In general, the term is used when all the chips go in the pot when the losing player had odds. To take a bad beat means to be on the losing end of a bad beat; to lay a bad beat means to be on the winning end of a bad beat.

Back Door Flush
A three-card flush that requires suited cards on the turn and the river to complete.

Beer Hand

Generally a 2-7 offsuit, although some consider the 2-7 suited to be a beer hand as well. Considered the worst stating hand in hold em.

Belly Buster
An inside straight draw, synonym of gutshot. Also known as a Gutshot.

To put chips into the pot. Other players must either Call your bet, Raise you, or Fold.

Big Blind
The larger of the two forced preflop bets. The player to the left of the small blind posts the big blind, the blinds ensure there is always money in the pot and “action” on every hand.

Big Slick
The holdem starting hand Ace-King (AK).

Bird on a Stick

The holdem starting hand Seven-Two (72).

The holdem starting hand Ace-Jack (AJ).

A card that is very unlikely to help, or scare, anyone.

That time and place, usually between the turn and the river, where you find you either have to bluff hard to force your opponent(s) to fold and steal the pot, or lay your cards down.  

A card that does not help any players hand.

Brick and Mortar
A card room with a physical location (e.g. at a Casino) as opposed to virtual.


In holdem, these are the forced bets that take the place of an ante. The player on the left of the dealer (or dealer button) must pay the small blind and the person after him must pay the big blind.

To bluff is to make a bet, when you know you have nothing. When you have no hand you hope that you are not called by your opponents. The aim of a bluff is to “buy” a pot because everyone else folds.

Board Cards
The cards in the middle of the table that are shared by everyone. “There were two Aces on the board”

A Full House. Also known as a full boat or simply full house.

Bottom Pair
When you make a pair on the flop with the lowest card on the board and one of your hole cards. The other cards on the board are referred to as “over cards” and may give another player the “middle pair” or “top pair”. The bottom pair is sometimes called “Third Pair”.


A break is when you bet your strong hand very forcefully to win the pot. Most often your opponent will need to go all-in.

If a player consistently loses over a night and loses a lot of his/her money, that player may be considered ‘broken.’

Broadway is a straight from ten to ace. This is the best possible straight.

The holdem starting hand 44. A pocket pair of fours.

The holdem starting hand AA. Pocket Aces. Also known as Rockets or American Airlines.


When the dealer discards the next card prior to dealing the flop, turn and river. The card that is placed down is termed the ‘burned/burnt card’.

As opposed to your home game, in casinos and big tournaments, they have a dedicated dealer and instead use a small plastic disc called the “dealer button” to indicate who is effectively the dealer. After the flop, the dealer is the last person to act in a round of betting. Being “on the button” is a good position as you are the last person to decide to call, raise or fold.