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Poker Glossary

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ABC Player
An ABC player is a player who is very predictable. This player generally reads a poker book or two and follows them to the word. They always play hands the same way and are generally pretty tight. These types of players are often winners at lower stakes and loose games but are easily crushed by advanced players.

Ace High
A poker hand with no ranked cards (pair, flush, etc) but with an Ace as the high card. This hand beats all other unranked hands.

Ace in the Hole
Term used in a stud game, when one has an ace as one of their downcards.

Ace Out
Winning by bluffing or with an ace high hand.

Aces and Spaces
When you have an ace and low kicker in the hole and you make your pair of aces on the board, but your kicker doesn’t pair. “The river left me with aces and spaces..”

Aces Full
A full house with three aces and any pair. Also known as acey-uppy.

Aces Over
A hand with pairs, one of which is aces or a full house with a three of aces over any other pair.

Two pairs; one of aces, once of deuces


A hand with pairs, one of which is aces. Also know as aces full.

Betting, raising, and/or calling. A poker game with “a lot of action” is a game a lot of money is in play.

In a live game, to buy more chips before you have busted. In tournament play, a single re-buy for which all players are eligible regardless of their stack size. This is usually allowed only once, at the end of the re-buy period.


To advertise is to represent a method of play. For example, you play tight and only call when you have great cards, then show them. Next time you can call with rubbish (bluff) and players think you have another strong hand.

“Agressive Play” usually means a lot of betting and raising.

The holdem starting hand Ace-Jack (AJ). Also known as Blackjack and “The (Aussie) Jewel”.

The king of clubs. Probably derived from Alexander the Great.

Alligator Blood
A poker player who plays fearlessly when short-stacked and wins. A player who plays for a long time short-stacked, winning just enough to keep them in the game.

All In

In no-limit texas holdem, a player may declare himself “all in” and bet all of his chips into the pot.

All Red
Having a heart or a diamond flush.

American Airlines
The holdem starting hand Ace-Ace (AA). Also known as Rockets, Pocket Rockets.

Ammo, Ammunition
Chips in play.

This is characterized as any acting out of turn. It is considered angling when any player folds or bets out of turn. A player who uses constant angling is known as an “angle shooter”. Angling is used to make opponents bet or fold differently to that if they didn’t know what the anglers play was. For example, if the angler signals to bet before his turn, other players to the angler’s right react by not betting or perhaps even folding. When the round reaches the angler, the angler announces that he or she is not interested in betting after all, or winning a hand due to the opponents fold.

A small amount of chips placed into the pot before each hand. This acts as a “tax” for playing hands and is usually used in Stud games, whereas Hold’em games usually have blinds.

A big game, often the biggest game in a particular club.

An aquarium is a poker room or game that has a lot of fish in it.

The queen of clubs. May be an anagram of Regina (queen in Latin), or a corruption of Argea.

Assault Rifle
In Omaha, hole cards that are A-K-4-7 of any suit.