Articles Archive

Below is a list of the articles that have been published on the Poker.com website.

· Texas Hold’em
A beginners guide to Texas Hold’em, learn the basic rules and play.

· Omaha
A beginners guide to Omaha Poker, learn the basic rules and play.

· Blackjack
A beginners guide to Blackjack, learn the basic rules and play.

· How to Build a Poker Table
A complete tutorial on how to build a poker table for your own home games. Includes materials list, sizes and plans.

· Pot Odds
The concept of pot odds is easy to learn and in my opinion is one of the most important concepts of playing winning poker, especially no limit holdem. This is a tutorial on how to calculate Pot Odds.

· Buying Poker Chips
What to consider when buying poker chips for your home game.

· About Poker Chips
The terms “Casino Grade Chips” and “Poker Chips” have different meanings in the Gaming Industry this article explains this for you.

· Table Statistics
How to use and what are Table Statistics.

· Angle Shooting in Poker
A controversial part of poker, learn how to avoid players that are angle shooting and trying to exploit ambiguous or weak areas of the rules.

· Tournaments
All About Tournaments – freerolls, freezeouts, guarantees, satellites, rebuy, addon and more

In addition to these thorough articles, we also have detailed reviews of the best online poker rooms around, so why not check them out to see which is perfect for you. There are always plenty of exciting promotions on offer, so be sure to read our reviews to make sure you get the best poker bonus possible!