Mansour Matloubi

Mansour was born in wales, but now lives in London, not much information is available on him. He was quite active in tournament poker in the 1990s, culminating with his win in the 1990 WSOP Main event. He does not play as many tournaments in the United States as he used to, preferring to play poker in Europe. However, in 2001 he did finish in the money in 8 North American events.

As of 2004 he has won over $1.1 million in tournament poker play.

Mansour’s winning WSOP hand:


Mansour actually won his World Championship when his Pocket 6’s held up against Hans’ pocket 4’s. The following decisive hand came earlier in their heads up.

The Most Incredible Hand:


Mansour raised and Hans called, holding A9. The flop of 924 gave Hans an over pair so he check raised, Mansour responded by pushing all in, having already invested considerably to the pot Hans called. When their hands were turned over both men realised there were only 5 outs that could save Hans, he needed and Ace or a 9. The turn had Mansour literally kicking his chair (apparently he stood up and kicked his chair according to one online report), Hans had caught his ace and now with one card to come Mansour only had 2 outs. With cards left, the odds were certainly in Hans’ favour, the World Championship was within his reach. The river crushed Hans with a Ten, delivering Mansour 80% of the chips from the terrible odds of 1/22. This gave Mansour a huge chip lead which he soon turned into a World Championship with his pocket 6’s.

Career Wins:

  • 1990 – NL Holdem (Championship Event) – 1st
  • 1993 – NL Holdem – 4th
  • 1994 – NL Holdem – 16th
  • 1995 – Limit Omaha – 15th
  • 1995 – PL Omaha – 8th
  • 1995 – Seven-Card Stud – 4th
  • 1995 – PL Holdem – 17th
  • 1996 – Seven-Card Stud – 5th
  • 1997 – PL Omaha – 6th
  • 1997 – Omaha 8 or Better – 16th
  • 2001 – Limit Holdem – 12th