Hamid Dastmalchi – 1992 WSOP Main Event Winner

Hamid grew up in Iran, later moving to the United States where he became a real-estate investor. Hamid’s interest of poker began as a youth in Iran, this eventually led him to enter several tournaments once in the US, with several cash ins and wins. While Hamid is best known for his win in the 1992 WSOP Main Event, he is No. 6 on the roster of all-time tournament money winners.

Hamid was also in the news for a legal dispute that occurred in 1999. Hamid won $800,000 in chips before Becky Binion.

Behnen replaced Jack Binion as the head of the casino. Once in control the new management would not let him cash in the chips. In the end the dispute was settled when the chips were cashed after the intervention of a gaming commission.

Although he rarely plays in tournaments anymore, his total live tournament winnings exceed $1,585,000 as of 2005. He also has 3 WSOP bracelets.

Hamid’s winning WSOP hand:

8h 4c

After the flop came down J57 Tom Jacobs flopped 2 pair with his J7. He under-bet trying trap Hamid to push all in, Hamid only called though, and the turn gave Hamid a nutty pair. When Hamid checked Tom pushed all in trying to take back control of the hand. Looking down at an 8 high straight Hamid happily called, and when the river brought a harmless 8 Hamid was World Champion.

Career Wins:


  • 1985 – NL Holdem – 5th
  • 1986 – NL Holdem – 1st
  • 1991 – NL Holdem – 34th
  • 1992 – Limit Holdem – 4th
  • 1992 – NL Holdem (Championship Event) – 1st
  • 1993 – PL Holdem – 1st
  • 1995 – NL Holdem – 4th