Brad Daugherty

Brad was introduced to card playing by watching his family play when he was growing up in Idaho. It must have made an impact because at one point he won a trip to Kansas City he played poker on the train for two days straight.

In the Seventies, while working mainly in the construction business, Brad heard about Doyle Brunson’s success as a poker player and it encouraged him to give poker a serious try. He ended up moving to Reno, NV around 1979-1980 to begin his career as a poker professional. In 1987, Brad was working part-time as a card room manager when someone suggested that he try his luck on the road as a full-time poker player.

He thought it was worth a shot, considering that he always had more money when playing full-time, and began his career as a traveling player. However, life on the go took a heavy toll on his marriage and he was divorced in 1989. He continued playing and was rewarded with a stroke of good luck when, in 1991, he won the WSOP $10,000 Main Event and became the first ever winner of $1,000,000. Since then, he has not won any major tournaments and no longer travels much to play poker, he still plays at the larger tournaments as well as online.

Daugherty is the coauthor, with Tom McEvoy of Championship Satellite Strategy and No-Limit Texas Hold’em for New Players.

As of 2005 his total live tournament winnings exceed $1,240,000.

Brad’s winning WSOP hand:
Ks Js

Don Holt held a nothing hand of 73, Brad raised him but for some reason Don followed him to the flop and called. The flop fell 89J giving Brad top pair, Brad checked and then Don made a brave but mistaken read. He figured since Brad had called at the flop he had nothing, so he pushed all in, also with nothing. Brad quickly called and while the 5 on the turn gave Dona feint hope, this was crushed when the river brought a harmless 8, handing Brad the championship with a pair of Jacks.

In his own words:

“I respect a lot of old-timers who has played for many, many years. Like Doyle Brunson and Johnny moss. Actually, I have admiration for all older players. I give them a good respect. These are the pioneers of poker. They have led the game to where it is now. They are the pioneers of poker.”

Career Wins:

  • 13/05/91 1991 WSOP Main Event 1st $1,000,000
  • 10/05/93 1993 WSOP $1,500 Ace to Five Draw 3rd $20,700
  • 13/11/04 2004 WPT $10,000 World Poker Finals 15th $72,118
  • 07/03/04 2004 WPT $10,000 Bay 101 Shooting Stars 44th $15,000