Video Poker Games

Video Poker is a video machine game that you will find in most casinos around the world. Instead of playing against another player, or even against the dealer, in Video Poker the player gets paid simply for making hands.

Video Poker became successful in the 1970’s as technology became a driving force in the gaming industry. Then, throughout the 1980’s, players starting gravitating to Video Poker because they found these games less intimidating than playing live table games.

Today not only is Video Poker a staple of live casinos but it is also a wildly popular game to play in online casinos. The fast paced action and big wins available have made Video Poker one of the most popular online casino games.

There are a number of Video Poker variations, and while the rules and payouts may vary slightly between games, the overall concept of Video Poker remains – make the best possible poker hand and watch the winnings roll in.