Take It or Leave It

Take It or Leave It

Five card Stud poker. The dealer deals one card face down to each player. The dealer then deals a second card face down to the player to his or her left. That player has the option of keeping that card or passing it to the next player. If that player keeps it, he or she flips it face up. If that player passes it, he or she is dealt their second card face up (in other words, turning down the first card means you are automatically stuck with the second card).

The next player either has the card passed by the first player or is dealt one face down from the dealer. That player has the same option to keep or pass. This continues around the table up to the dealer.

With each player having one card down and one up, the player with the best hand (highest card) showing opens a betting round. Following the betting round, the dealer again deals a card face down to the first player, who can keep or pass.

This continues until each player has one card face down and four face up. Final betting round. Best hand wins.

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