Thirty Eight

Played the same as Three to Five, except for two variations:

i) Threes and Eights are wild, and

ii) Instead of betting, the player to the left of the dealer is the first to decide if he or she will call “single”, “double”, or “triple”. Single the pot is already what each player is due to pay if they do not win the hand, but in clockwise order as in a betting round, each player can decide that to stay in the game now means risking double or triple what is in the pot. Once double or triple is called, subsequent players decide if they will remain in the game with that potential loss, or fold and simply pay single.

Dummy hand:
On a $1 pot, players 1, 2, 5, and 6 go “in”. After the fourth and fifth cards are dealt to each player, Player 1 calls single, Player 2 calls double (now, the potential loss is $2), Player 5 folds and gets his $1 ready, Player 6 accepts the double, Player 1 calls triple (now, the potential loss is $3), Player 2 accepts the triple, and Player 6 folds and gets his $2 ready (since he earlier accepted the double). With each player having either seen or folded, Players 1 and 2 proceed to showdown.