Casino Poker Games

A lot of poker players who like to play poker online for real money also go to a land-based casino to gamble. For the most part, it ends up being that once-a-month experience where somebody is willing to put up quite a bit more at a casino on a wider variety of casino games than one would at the Home Poker table. Every now and then, such a home poker player will call a casino-played game, adapting it to the home poker table.

Calling a ‘casino game’ at the Home Poker table poses only one problem, but one that is assumed by the dealer who calls the game. That dealer, most of the time, will need to put himself or herself up as the House, meaning players are no longer playing against each other in these games, but rather all playing against the dealer. The dealer is playing against each player individually and at the end of the hand, either paying each player’s bet or collecting that player’s bet.

Take the classic Blackjack, for example. The dealer who calls Blackjack will deal everybody a hand, himself included. That dealer then plays his hand against each individual player’s hand. Players are no longer bluffing in the hopes of being that single player who collects the pot, but are rather up against the dealer, the House. There isn’t even the comraderie of teaming together against the dealer. Instead, each player is concerned with nothing more than the hand dealt to them and the one the dealer dealt to himself or herself.

There are no standard variations or features with casino games, each one is unique and played differently. The beauty of converting it from a casino-business game to a Home Poker game is that the dealer will specify what the rules are and how it differs from the game played in the casino. The dealer may choose to play the game exactly as it is played in the casino, or with so many variations, that it truly resembles a Home Poker game.

The sad part, and what is considered blasphemy by some, is that alot of these are not even poker games. Some of them, like Blackjack, do not even play with a poker theme. But, as mentioned in the Non-Poker Games section, sometimes the only criteria is that the game involve money and a deck of cards.