Aussie Millions

Aussie Millions

The latest victor to take the title in the 2020 Aussie Millions Main Event was Vincent Wan from Melbourne, known locally as “Wonky”, and scooping a win on AUD $1,850,000 and not to forget the coveted custom made diamond encrusted gold bracelet with a value of AUD$29,500. The event attracted 820 players culminating in a prize pool of AUD $8,200,000.

History of The Aussie Millions

The Crown Australian Poker Championship, or “Aussie Millions” is the biggest poker tournament in the Southern Hemisphere. The tournament is staged annually at the Crown Casino complex in Melbourne, Australia. Crown Casino is the largest casino and poker room in Australia.

Poker at The Crown was first introduced in June of 1997. In July of 1998 the first major championship was held, The Crown Australasian Poker Championship, now commonly known as the Aussie Millions. The main event attracted a field of 74 entrants for the $1000 buy-in, culminating in a prize pool of $74,000. In 2001 the event was moved to January attracting 40 entries with a buy-in of $5,000 all vying for a share of the $200,000 prize pool.

The Aussie Millions continued to grow over the years as more and more Australians adopted the game of Poker, specifically Texas Hold’em.

The Aussie Millions launched into the international pool of poker players in January 2003, attracting a field of 122 entrants and a $1.2m prize pool. By 2005 new records were being set with a field of 263 players all paying $10,000 entry into the main event, this generated the largest prize pool ever in the Southern Hemisphere of $2,630,000. More than 50% of the field were international entries. Fox Sports started to televise the event in 2006 attracting a wide audience and gaining more exposure for the event.

Recent Aussie Millions Main Event Winners

2006 saw growth again with a field of 418 and a prize pool of $4,180,000. The tournament was gaining real traction and attracting some big name players, including WSOP champions. Entrants included, Daniel Negreanu, Phil Ivey, Joe Hachem, Mike Sexton, Kathy Leibert, Barry Greenstein, Tony G and many more.

2007 The Aussie Millions again broke records numbers attracting a field of 747 players. Pro player Gus Hansen won the main event for a prize of $1.500,000.

2008 Alexander Kostritsyn took the title, this 21 year old Russian scooped up prize money of $1,650,000 beating another record number field of 782.

2009 Australian Stewart Scott claimed the title and walked away with a very healthy $2,000,000 prize. The field dropped for the first time with 681 players.

2010 Tyron Krost, an Australian university student, aged 23 years took out the top prize of $2,000,000. Successfully beating a field of 746 players.

2011 for a third consecutive year an Australian player wins the Aussie Millions Main Event title. David Gorr, a 67-year-old grandfather beat a field of 721 to take the title and prize money of $2,000,000.

2012, for the 4th consecutive year an Australian takes the Aussie Millions title. 26-year-old Oliver Spiedel, a banker from Melbourne, wins a whopping $1,600,000, overcoming an international field of 659 entrants.

2013 beating a field of 629 entries, 29-year-old Mervin ‘The Cat’ Chan of Malaysia won $1,600,000 million prize as well as a Chrysler 300C, trophy and stunning Aussie Millions diamond and rose gold bracelet by LK Boutique.

2014 Canadian, Ami Barer overcame a field of 668 entrants to win the main event collecting a prize of $1,600,000 and a custom made diamond-encrusted rose gold bracelet by LK Jeweller.

2018 Toby Lewis won the title, beating out a field of 800, claiming prize money of $1,458,198, and not forgetting the coveted custom made diamond-encrusted gold bracelet by Anton Jewellery.

2015 Claiming the title, from Australia, Manny Stavropoulos, overcoming a field of 648 players.

2016 Ari Engel of Toronto, Canada, becomes the victor, overcoming a field of 732 players, claiming $1,600,000 million in prize money, and the coveted custom made diamond-encrusted rose gold bracelet by LK Jewellery.

2017 The title returns to Australia, Shurane ‘Shaz’ Vijayaram of Melbourne won the cash prize of $1,600,000 for first place, taking on and beating a field of 725 entrants.

2018 Toby Lewis claims the title along with prize money of $1,458,198 and the iconic custom made diamond-encrusted gold bracelet by ANTON Jewellery. This year’s Aussie Millions Main Event attracted a record field of 800, defeating the mark of 781 set back in 2008.

2019 Bryn Kenney, USA, beats a record field of 821 players, and takes home $1,272,598. Kenney is currently top of the all all-time tournaments money list.

Aussie Millions Tournaments Schedule 2005 – Present

2005 Aussie Millions Poker Championship

Crown Casino - Melbourne, Australia

Start Date Event Name Buy-In Prizepool Entries
2005-01-18No Limit Hold'em - Main EventAU$0AU$00

2007 Aussie Millions Poker Championship

Crown Casino - Melbourne, Australia

Start Date Event Name Buy-In Prizepool Entries
2007-01-06No Limit Hold'emAU$795AU$412,000515
2007-01-07Limit Hold'emAU$795AU$135,197170
2007-01-08Limit Omaha Hi LoAU$795AU$76,34696
2007-01-09No Limit Hold'em Two Day EventAU$795AU$369,009164
2007-01-10PokerPro Hold'emAU$835AU$24,65332
2007-01-10Pot Limit OmahaAU$2386AU$393,66355
2007-01-11No Limit Hold'em Feature EventAU$1193AU$600,040533
2007-01-12$100,000 Hold'em EventAU$79528AU$1,431,50218
2007-01-14Main EventAU$7953AU$5,940,736747
2007-01-16Australian Heads Up Poker ChampionshipAU$3976AU$127,24532
2007-01-17No Limit Hold'em - Team EventAU$795AU$115,317145
2007-01-18No Limit Hold'emAU$398AU$220,293554
2007-01-18Australian 2 Card Manila ChampionshipAU$2386AU$176,55232

2008 Aussie Millions Poker Championship

Crown Casino - Melbourne, Australia

Start Date Event Name Buy-In Prizepool Entries
2008-01-05No Limit Hold'emAU$879AU$188,111537
2008-01-06Pot Limit Hold'emAU$879AU$166,137189
2008-01-07Limit Seven Card Stud/Hi-Lo/RazzAU$440AU$166,140189
2008-01-08Limit Hold'emAU$879AU$108,121123
2008-01-09No Limit Hold'emAU$879AU$462,369150
2008-01-10No Limit Hold'em - Bounty EventAU$1319AU$487,861370
2008-01-11Pot Limit OmahaAU$2637AU$453,57765
2008-01-12Two Card Manila ChampionshipAU$2637AU$47,46810
2008-01-12No Limit Hold'emAU$87903AU$2,197,57025
2008-01-12Pot Limit Hold'em/Omaha/Omaha Hi/LoAU$1758AU$200,417114
2008-01-12PokerPro No Limit Hold'emAU$879AU$85,26697
2008-01-14No Limit Hold'em - Main EventAU$8790AU$6,819,938780
2008-01-17Australian Heads Up ChampionshipAU$4395AU$281,29064
2008-01-18No Limit Hold'em - Teams EventAU$1319AU$150,3140
2008-01-19No Limit Hold'em - Six HandedAU$1758AU$427,207243
2008-01-20No Limit Hold'em - TurboAU$879AU$222,394253
2008-01-20H.O.R.S.E - Special EventAU$8790AU$140,64416

2009 Aussie Millions Poker Championship

Crown Casino - Melbourne, Australia

Start Date Event Name Buy-In Prizepool Entries
2009-01-05Pot Limit OmahaAU$355AU$25,92773
2009-01-09No Limit Hold'emAU$710AU$519,278731
2009-01-11No Limit Hold'em - PokerPro EventAU$710AU$58,96083
2009-01-12Limit Omaha Hi/LoAU$710AU$72,457102
2009-01-13Limit Hold'emAU$710AU$99,452140
2009-01-15No Limit Hold'emAU$710AU$414,1470
2009-01-16No Limit Hold'emAU$781AU$447,5290
2009-01-17No Limit Hold'em ChallengeAU$71037AU$1,633,84723
2009-01-18No Limit Hold'em - Aussie MillionsAU$7104AU$4,837,609681
2009-01-20Australian Heads Up ChampionshipAU$3552AU$227,31864
2009-01-21Pot Limit OmahaAU$710AU$85,244120
2009-01-22Pot Limit OmahaAU$2131AU$274,91242
2009-01-22Mixed Hold'emAU$710AU$61,09186
2009-01-23No Limit Hold'emAU$1421AU$377,913266
2009-01-24No Limit Hold'emAU$1421AU$61,09386
2009-01-25No Limit Hold'emAU$710AU$112,949159
2009-01-26Australian 2 Card Manila ChampionshipAU$710AU$29,12541
2009-01-04No Limit Hold'emAU$355AU$54,697154

2010 Aussie Millions Poker Championship

Crown Casino - Melbourne, Australia

Start Date Event Name Buy-In Prizepool Entries
2010-01-14No Limit Hold'em - Opening EventAU$923AU$1,054,9431143
2010-01-17No Limit Hold'em - PokerProAU$461AU$41,53390
2010-01-18Limit Hold'emAU$923AU$83,06790
2010-01-19Pot Limit OmahaAU$923AU$147,672160
2010-01-20No Limit Hold'em - Bounty EventAU$1523AU$492,398381
2010-01-21Charity Event00190
2010-01-22No Limit Hold'emAU$923AU$332,266108
2010-01-23$100,000 ChallengeAU$92296AU$2,215,10624
2010-01-24No Limit Hold'em - Main EventAU$9230AU$6,885,285746
2010-01-24No Limit Hold'em - ShootoutAU$461AU$37,84382
2010-01-25Pot Limit Omaha Hi/LoAU$461AU$29,07463
2010-01-26Seven Card StudAU$461AU$11,53625
2010-01-26Heads-Up ChampionshipAU$4615AU$230,74050
2010-01-27No Limit Hold'em - Team EventAU$923AU$100,604109
2010-01-28Pot Limit OmahaAU$9230AU$239,96926
2010-01-28No Limit Hold'emAU$923AU$228,894248
2010-01-30No Limit Hold'em - Six HandedAU$1846AU$452,252245
2010-01-30No Limit Hold'em - TurboAU$461AU$115,368250

2011 Aussie Millions Poker Championship

Crown Casino - Melbourne, Australia

Start Date Event Name Buy-In Prizepool Entries
2011-01-13No Limit Hold'emAU$989AU$989,0211000
2011-01-16No Limit Hold'em - ShootoutAU$495AU$35,60572
2011-01-17Pot Limit OmahaAU$989AU$149,344151
2011-01-18No Limit Hold'em - ShootoutAU$989AU$156,267158
2011-01-198 GameAU$989AU$67,25468
2011-01-20No Limit Hold'em - Six HandedAU$989AU$367,917372
2011-01-21No Limit Hold'emAU$989AU$337,25486
2011-01-22No Limit Hold'emAU$98902AU$3,758,28238
2011-01-23No Limit Hold'em - Main EventAU$9890AU$7,130,849721
2011-01-23No Limit Hold'em - Team EventAU$495AU$92,966188
2011-01-25No Limit Hold'emAU$495AU$108,300219
2011-01-26Pot Limit OmahaAU$4945AU$262,09053
2011-01-26Australian Heads-Up ChampionshipAU$9890AU$237,36624
2011-01-26No Limit Hold'emAU$495AU$125,110253
2011-01-278 GameAU$9890AU$276,92528
2011-01-27No Limit Hold'emAU$495AU$112,254227
2011-01-28No Limit Hold'em - Six HandedAU$1978AU$445,058225
2011-01-28No Limit Hold'emAU$495AU$103,848210
2011-01-29No Limit Hold'em - Bounty EventAU$1484AU$327,860237
2011-01-30No Limit Hold'em - TurboAU$989AU$146,375148
2011-01-21Full Tilt Poker Invitational Shootout - Final0593,41224
2011-01-27Super High Roller No Limit Hold'emAU$247256AU$4,945,11020
2011-01-20Full Tilt Poker Invitational Shootout - Heat 1AU$0AU$08
2011-01-20Full Tilt Poker Invitational Shootout - Heat 2AU$0AU$08
2011-01-21Full Tilt Poker Invitational Shootout - Heat 3AU$0AU$08

Aussie Millions Series

Crown Casino - Melbourne, Australia

Start Date Event Name Buy-In Prizepool Entries
2011-02-06No Limit Hold'emAU$127AU$12,41098
2011-02-13No Limit Hold'emAU$127AU$15,073119
2011-02-20No Limit Hold'emAU$127AU$15,961126

2012 Aussie Millions Poker Championship

Crown Casino - Melbourne, Australia

Start Date Event Name Buy-In Prizepool Entries
2012-01-12No Limit Hold'em - Opening EventAU$1029AU$973,879946
2012-01-16Pot Limit OmahaAU$1029AU$132,800129
2012-01-17No Limit Hold'em - ShootoutAU$1029AU$154,420150
2012-01-19No Limit Hold'em - Six HandedAU$1029AU$396,346385
2012-01-20No Limit Hold'em - RebuyAU$1029AU$435,46992
2012-01-21No Limit Hold'em - BountyAU$1544AU$486,426315
2012-01-22No Limit Hold'em - Main EventAU$10295AU$6,784,234659
2012-01-22No Limit Hold'em - $100,000 ChallengeAU$102947AU$2,264,84322
2012-01-22No Limit Hold'em - Team EventAU$1029AU$80,30078
2012-01-23No Limit Hold'emAU$515AU$87,506170
2012-01-23Chinese PokerAU$4890AU$122,25125
2012-01-23No Limit Hold'em - Heads-UpAU$5147AU$164,71632
2012-01-24No Limit Hold'em - TerminatorAU$515AU$115,300224
2012-01-25No Limit Hold'emAU$515AU$85,961167
2012-01-26No Limit Hold'emAU$515AU$97,286189
2012-01-26Pot Limit OmahaAU$2316AU$192,25383
2012-01-27No Limit Hold'em - Six HandedAU$2574AU$440,101190
2012-01-27No Limit Hold'em - $250,000 ChallengeAU$257369AU$4,117,89616
2012-01-278 GameAU$1029AU$66,91765
2012-01-28No Limit Hold'em - TurboAU$515AU$167,289130
2012-01-28No Limit Hold'em - Semi ShootoutAU$25737AU$514,73820
2012-01-28Pot Limit OmahaAU$515AU$49,92897
2012-01-29No Limit Hold'em - Australian Poker Hall of FameAU$515AU$71,036138
2012-01-298 GameAU$10295AU$185,30618
2012-01-21Tournament of Champions Event008
2012-01-15Joe Hachem & Shane Warne Charity EventAU$0AU$67,6250

2013 Aussie Millions Poker Championship

Crown Casino - Melbourne, Australia

Start Date Event Name Buy-In Prizepool Entries
2013-01-17No Limit Hold'em - Day 1 Flight 1AU$1161AU$1,412,5271338
2013-01-206th Annual Joe Hachem & Shane Warne Charity EventAU$0AU$00
2013-01-21Pot Limit OmahaAU$1161AU$245,976233
2013-01-22No Limit Hold'em - ShootoutAU$1161AU$221,695210
2013-01-23No Limit Hold'em/Pot Limit OmahaAU$1161AU$217,470206
2013-01-24No Limit Hold'em - Six MaxAU$1161AU$552,126523
2013-01-25No Limit Hold'em - RebuyAU$1214AU$358,93783
2013-01-26No Limit Hold'em - BountyAU$1742AU$562,160355
2013-01-27No Limit Hold'em - Main EventAU$11190AU$6,640,347629
2013-01-27No Limit Hold'em - Team EventAU$1161AU$76,01372
2013-01-27No Limit Hold'em - $100,000 ChallengeAU$105570AU$2,287,70022
2013-01-27Limit Omaha Hi/LoAU$2639AU$87,88637
2013-01-28No Limit Hold'em - Mix MaxAU$1161AU$115,071109
2013-01-28Chinese PokerAU$5278AU$104,19721
2013-01-29No Limit Hold'em - TerminatorAU$1161AU$214,303203
2013-01-30No Limit Hold'emAU$1161AU$20,692196
2013-01-30Pot Limit OmahaAU$2639AU$235,15699
2013-01-31Australian Poker Hall of Fame ClassicAU$581AU$121,932231
2013-01-31No Limit Hold'em - Mix MaxAU$5279AU$171,23536
2013-02-01No Limit Hold'em - Six MaxAU$2639AU$501,194211
2013-02-01No Limit Hold'em - $250,000 ChallengeAU$263925AU$4,750,64618
2013-02-018 GameAU$5279AU$168,70134
2013-02-02No Limit Hold'em Cubed TurboAU$633AU$123,51894
2013-02-02No Limit Hold'em - $25,000 ChallengeAU$26392AU$763,27030
2013-02-02Pot Limit Omaha Hi/LoAU$1161AU$72,84469
2013-02-03No Limit Hold'em - Six Max TurboAU$5278AU$208,39442

2014 Aussie Millions Poker Championship

Crown Casino - Melbourne, Australia

Start Date Event Name Buy-In Prizepool Entries
2014-01-23No Limit Hold'emAU$974AU$1,1531302
2014-01-26No Limit Hold'em/Pot Limit OmahaAU$955AU$141,448163
2014-01-27No Limit Hold'em - ShootoutAU$954AU$148,376171
2014-01-28No Limit Hold'em - Six MaxAU$959AU$430,816494
2014-01-29Pot Limit OmahaAU$965AU$186,897213
2014-01-30No Limit Hold'em AccumulatorAU$965AU$490,574599
2014-02-02No Limit Hold'em - BountyAU$1443AU$337,252257
2014-02-02No Limit Hold'em - $25,000 ChallengeAU$21871AU$1,364,74365
2014-02-02No Limit Hold'em - Main EventAU$9273AU$5,843,910668
2014-02-03No Limit Hold'em - Mix MaxAU$962AU$87,483100
2014-02-04No Limit Hold'em - TerminatorAU$965AU$196,439224
2014-02-05No Limit Hold'em - Mervin Chan ClassicAU$965AU$169,259193
2014-02-058 GameAU$2193AU$112,47557
2014-02-06Pot Limit OmahaAU$2214AU$224,241113
2014-02-07No Limit Hold'em - Six Max Shot ClockAU$2239AU$318,394158
2014-02-07No Limit Hold'em - $100,000 ChallengeAU$89562AU$6,704,64147
2014-02-08No Limit Hold'em - Australia Poker Hall of Fame ClassicAU$974AU$157,613178
2014-02-08No Limit Hold'em - Six MaxAU$4427AU$287,15369
2014-02-09No Limit Hold'em - $250,000 ChallengeAU$223922AU$10,094,40630

2015 Aussie Millions Poker Championship

Crown Casino - Melbourne, Australia

Start Date Event Name Buy-In Prizepool Entries
2015-01-14#1 No Limit Holdem - Re-EntryAU$836AU$1,012,6901211
2015-01-18#2 No Limit Holdem Shotclock ShootoutAU$842AU$166,697198
2015-01-19#3 8 Game mixed eventAU$1848AU$85,00546
2015-01-20#4 No Limit Holdem Six MaxAU$842AU$417,623496
2015-01-21#5 Pot Limit OmahaAU$839AU$204,744244
2015-01-21#6 No Limit Holdem AccumulatorAU$839AU$507,663605
2015-01-22#7 H.O.R.S.EAU$1839AU$68,03337
2015-01-23#8 No Limit Holdem ChallengeAU$19413AU$2,018,911104
2015-01-24#9 Bounty No Limit HoldemAU$1196AU$371,872311
2015-01-25#12 No Limit Holdem TerminatorAU$909AU$1,967,488243
2015-01-25#11 No Limit Holdem ChallengeAU$77434AU$5,420,35470
2015-01-25#10 No Limit Holdem Main EventAU$7901AU$5,120,098648
2015-01-26#13 The Aussie Millions Tournament Of ChampionsAU$810AU$93,133115
2015-01-27#14 No Limit Hold'em/Pot Limit OmahaAU$810AU$72,09589
2015-01-28#15 No Limit Holdem - Mix MaxAU$813AU$152,887188
2015-01-29#16 Pot Limit OmahaAU$1793AU$222,326124
2015-01-30#17 Shot Clock No Limit Holdem Six MaxAU$1761AU$373,422212
2015-01-31#19 No Limit Holdem Six MaxAU$3652AU$317,73087
2015-01-31#18 No Limit Holdem Deep Freeze'AU$1010AU$346,479343
2015-02-01#20 Aust. Poker Hall Of Fame No Limit HoldemAU$795AU$85,094107
2015-02-01#21 The LK Boutique ChallengeAU$190095AU$4,736,85425

2016 Aussie Millions Poker Championship

Crown Casino - Melbourne, Australia

Start Date Event Name Buy-In Prizepool Entries
2016-01-13No Limit Holdem - (Event #1)AU$716AU$698,4021320
2016-01-14H.O.R.S.E (Event #2)AU$1577AU$61,49239
2016-01-17No Limit Holdem Shot Clock Shootout (Event #3)AU$703AU$88,586126
2016-01-18Pot Limit Omaha (Event #4)AU$703AU$152,563217
2016-01-18No Limit Holdem Mix Max (Event #5)AU$703AU$137,799196
2016-01-19No Limit Holdem Six Max (Event #6)AU$705AU$376,553534
2016-01-208 Game Mixed Event (Event #7)AU$1553AU$99,40664
2016-01-20No Limit Holdem Accumulator (Event #8)AU$708AU$464,166656
2016-01-22No Limit Hold'em $25,000 Challenge (Event #9)AU$16632AU$2,029,159122
2016-01-23No Limit Holdem Bounty Event (Event #10)AU$1052AU$348,193349
2016-01-24No Limit Holdem Terminator (Event #13)AU$718AU$226,755316
2016-01-24No Limit Hold'em $100,000 Challenge (Event #12)AU$68607AU$2,812,87841
2016-01-24No Limit Hold'em Main Event (Event #11)AU$7001AU$5,124,504732
2016-01-25Australian Poker Hall of Fame No Limit Holdem (Event #14)AU$718AU$64,68496
2016-01-26No Limit Holdem/PLO (Event #15)AU$717AU$96,738135
2016-01-27No Limit Holdem (Event #16)AU$1568AU$297,935190
2016-01-28The Aussie Millions Tournament of Champions (Event #17)AU$721AU$139,845194
2016-01-28Pot Limit Omaha (Event #18)AU$1582AU$197,804125
2016-01-29No Limit Holdem Shot Clock Six Max (Event #19)AU$1589AU$390,823246
2016-01-30No Limit Holdem Six Max (Event #21)AU$3333AU$306,59892
2016-01-30No Limit Holdem Deep Freeze (Event #20)AU$922AU$297,734323
2016-01-31No Limit Holdem Shot Clock Turbo (Event #23)AU$726AU$118,296163
2016-01-31No Limit Hold'em $250,000 Challenge - Day 1 (Event #22)AU$173470AU$2,775,51616
2016-02-01Pot Limit Omaha (Event #24)AU$3328AU$259,56878

2017 Aussie Millions Poker Championship

Crown Casino - Melbourne, Australia

Start Date Event Name Buy-In Prizepool Entries
2017-01-11No Limit Hold'em - Opening Event (Event #1)AU$754AU$735,9971565
2017-01-12H.O.R.S.E. (Event #2)AU$1662AU$81,42949
2017-01-15No Limit Hold'em - Shot Clock Shootout (Event #3)AU$769AU$117,581153
2017-01-16No Limit Hold'em - Mix Max (Event #5)AU$768AU$176,755230
2017-01-16Pot Limit Omaha (Event #4)AU$768AU$182,134237
2017-01-17No Limit Hold'em - Six Max (Event #6)AU$766AU$395,476516
2017-01-188 Game Mixed Event (Event #7)AU$1692AU$126,86875
2017-01-18No Limit Hold'em - Accumulator (Event #8)AU$771AU$555,608721
2017-01-20No Limit Hold'em - $25,000 Challenge (Event #9)AU$18182AU$2,418,181133
2017-01-21No Limit Hold'em - Bounty Event (Event #10)AU$1133AU$404,421357
2017-01-22No Limit Hold'em - Terminator (Event #13)AU$774AU$137,586347
2017-01-22No Limit Hold'em - $100,000 Challenge (Event #12)AU$74013AU$1,332,22618
2017-01-22No Limit Hold'em - Main Event (Event #11)AU$7552AU$5,566,041725
2017-01-23No Limit Hold'em - Australian Poker Hall of Fame (Event #14)AU$774AU$95,217123
2017-01-24No Limit Hold'em/PLO (Event #15)AU$775AU$103,130133
2017-01-25No Limit Hold'em (Event #17)AU$1705AU$337,626198
2017-01-25Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo (Event #16)AU$777AU$66,80586
2017-01-26Pot Limit Omaha (Event #19)AU$1699AU$214,088126
2017-01-26No Limit Hold'em - The Aussie Millions Tournament of Champions (Event #18)AU$774AU$157,133203
2017-01-27No Limit Hold'em - Shot Clock Six Max (Event #20)AU$1700AU$433,482255
2017-01-28No Limit Hold'em - Six Max (Event #22)AU$3542AU$393,168111
2017-01-28No Limit Hold'em - 'Deep Freeze' (Event #21)AU$980AU$344,860352
2017-01-29No Limit Hold'em - Shot Clock Turbo (Event #24)AU$773AU$126,029163
2017-01-29No Limit Hold'em - Shot Clock Six MaxAU$37716AU$221,7706
2017-01-30No Limit Hold'em - Hyper Turbo 10/10/10 (Event #26)AU$773AU$78,863102
2017-01-30Pot Limit Omaha (Event #25)AU$3545AU$230,44265

2018 Aussie Millions Poker Championship

Crown Casino - Melbourne, Australia

Start Date Event Name Buy-In Prizepool Entries
2018-01-17No Limit Hold'em - Opening Event (Event #1)AU$816AU$795,7531538
2018-01-18H.O.R.S.E. (Event #2)AU$1794AU$87,92849
2018-01-21No Limit Holdem - Shot Clock Shootout (Event #3)AU$821AU$157,588192
2018-01-22Pot Limit Omaha (Event #4)AU$819AU$232,611284
2018-01-22No Limit Holdem - Mix Max (Event #5)AU$819AU$233,433285
2018-01-23No Limit Holdem - Six Max (Event #6)AU$820AU$490,565598
2018-01-248 Game Mixed Event (Event #7)AU$1797AU$127,58271
2018-01-24No Limit Holdem - Accumulator (Event #8)AU$819AU$562,376687
2018-01-26No Limit Hold'em - $25,000 Challenge (Event #9)AU$19370AU$2,208,126114
2018-01-27No Limit Holdem Bounty Event (Event #10)AU$1212AU$429,152354
2018-01-28No Limit Holdem Terminator (Event #13)AU$828AU$322,251389
2018-01-28No Limit Hold'em - $50,000 Challenge (Event #12)AU$39198AU$156,7904
2018-01-28No Limit Hold'em - Main Event (Event #11)AU$8082AU$6,465,586800
2018-01-29Hyper Turbo No Limit Holdem 10/10/10 (Event #14)AU$831AU$218,518263
2018-01-30No Limit Holdem/Pot Limit Omaha (Event #15)AU$829AU$146,816177
2018-01-31Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo (Event #16)AU$828AU$86,160104
2018-01-31No Limit Holdem (Event #17)AU$1819AU$416,449229
2018-02-01The Aussie Millions Tournament of Champions (Event #18)AU$828AU$228,543276
2018-02-01Pot Limit Omaha (Event #19)AU$1818AU$254,473140
2018-02-02No Limit Holdem - Six MaxShot Clock (Event #20)AU$1806AU$455,152252
2018-02-03No Limit Holdem - Deep Freeze (Event #21)AU$1036AU$409,378395
2018-02-03No Limit Holdem - Six Max (Event #22)AU$3747AU$393,436105
2018-02-04No Limit Holdem - Turbo Shot Clock (Event #23)AU$817AU$197,753242
2018-02-04No Limit Hold'em - $100,000 Challenge (Event #24)AU$78129AU$1,484,44619
2018-02-05Pot Limit Omaha (Event #25)AU$3721AU$383,246103
2018-02-05No Limit Holdem - Shot Clock Teams (Event #26)AU$811AU$64,10779

2019 Aussie Millions Poker Championship

Crown Casino - Melbourne, Australia

Start Date Event Name Buy-In Prizepool Entries
2019-01-15No Limit Hold'em - Opening Event #1AU$738AU$719,6151752
2019-01-16H.O.R.S.E #2AU$1621AU$87,52054
2019-01-20No Limit Hold'em - Shot Clock Shootout #3AU$735AU$132,252180
2019-01-21Pot Limit Omaha #4AU$735AU$211,598288
2019-01-21No Limit Hold'em - Mix Max #5AU$735AU$208,661284
2019-01-22No Limit Hold'em - Six Max #6AU$734AU$399,259544
2019-01-238 Game Mixed Event #7AU$1605AU$149,26493
2019-01-23No Limit Hold'em - Accumulator #8AU$731AU$626,610857
2019-01-25No Limit Hold'em - Challenge #9AU$17054AU$2,575,105151
2019-01-26No Limit Hold'em - Bounty Event #10AU$1284AU$440,390343
2019-01-27No Limit Hold'em - Terminator #13AU$737AU$360,224489
2019-01-27No Limit Hold'em - Challenge #12AU$34857AU$2,161,13362
2019-01-27No Limit Hold'em - Main Event #11AU$7187AU$5,907,719822
2019-01-28No Limit Hold'em - Hyper Turbo #14AU$737AU$247,502336
2019-01-29No Limit Hold'em - Pot Limit Omaha #15AU$736AU$123,632168
2019-01-30Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo #16AU$734AU$82,184112
2019-01-30No Limit Hold'em #17AU$1611AU$483,236300
2019-01-31No Limit Hold'em - The Aussie Millions Tournament of Champions #18AU$739AU$228,210309
2019-01-31Pot Limit Omaha #19AU$1621AU$235,073145
2019-02-01No Limit Hold'em - Challenge #20AU$71092AU$2,985,85542
2019-02-01No Limit Hold'em - Six Max Shot Clock #21AU$1632AU$499,451306
2019-02-02No Limit Hold'em - Deep Freeze #22AU$943AU$391,357415
2019-02-02No Limit Hold'em - Six Max #23AU$3409AU$426,177125
2019-02-03No Limit Hold'em - Shot Clock #25AU$743AU$196,956265
2019-02-03Pot Limit Omaha #24AU$17402AU$1,165,96167
2019-02-04Pot Limit omaha #26AU$3397AU$288,74185
2019-02-04No Limit Hold'em - Shot Clock Teams #27AU$741AU$48,89566

2020 Aussie Millions Poker Championship

Crown Casino - Melbourne, Australia

Start Date Event Name Buy-In Prizepool Entries
2020-01-04No Limit Hold'em - Opening Event (Event #1)AU$713AU$695,7831665
2020-01-05H.O.R.S.E. (Event #2)AU$1565AU$65,73142
2020-01-09Pot Limit Omaha (Event #3)AU$704AU$245,524349
2020-01-09No Limit Hold'em - Mix Max (Event #4)AU$703AU$240,597342
2020-01-10No Limit Hold'em - Six Max (Event #5)AU$704AU$393,966560
2020-01-11Pot Limit Omaha (Event #6)AU$1549AU$263,351170
2020-01-11No Limit Hold'em - Deep Freeze (Event #7)AU$895AU$578,202646
2020-01-12No Limit Hold'em - Shot Clock Six Max (Event #8)AU$1553AU$400,707258
2020-01-138 Game Mixed Event (Event #10)AU$1553AU$108,71870
2020-01-13Pot Limit Omaha - 25K PLO (Event #11)AU$16567AU$977,42759
2020-01-13No Limit Hold'em - Accumulator (Event #9)AU$708AU$613,429867
2020-01-15No Limit Hold'em - 25K Challenge (Event #12)AU$16563AU$2,799,115169
2020-01-16No Limit Hold'em - Bounty Event (Event #13)AU$1242AU$500,410403
2020-01-17No Limit Hold'em - 50K Challenge (Event #15)AU$33503AU$2,747,23082
2020-01-17No Limit Hold'em - Terminator (Event #16)AU$1053AU$329,241465
2020-01-17No Limit Hold'em - Aussie Millions Main Event (Event #14)AU$6908AU$5,664,389820
2020-01-18No Limit Hold'em - Hyper Turbo 10/10/10 (Event #17)AU$706AU$208,342295
2020-01-20Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo (Event #18)AU$705AU$93,726133
2020-01-20No Limit Hold'em (Event #19)AU$1547AU$462,528299
2020-01-21No Limit Hold'em - Aussie Millions Tournament of Champions (Event #20)AU$705AU$199,409283
2020-01-21No Limit Hold'em - Six Max (Event #21)AU$3231AU$636,497197
2020-01-22No Limit Hold'em - Shot Clock Turbo (Event #22)AU$703AU$208,073296
2020-01-22No Limit Hold'em - 100K Challenge (Event #23)AU$67209AU$3,629,28254