Asia Pacific Poker Tour

The Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) started in 2007 and like its counterpart the European Poker Tour, it was sponsored by PokerStars. The APPT rank for 13 seasons

The first season ran from August to December 2007 with five events held across four locations: Manila (Philippines); Seoul (South Korea); Macau (China); and Sydney (Australia).

The APPT is responsible for bringing the first major government-sanctioned real-money Texas hold ’em poker tournaments to Korea and China.

The tour was created by President Jeffrey Haas and Director of Marketing Sarne Lightman. Danny McDonagh is the Tournament Director. 441 Productions produce the APPT for television.

APPT Biggest Winners

Rank Event Place Name Prize
1st APPT8 Melbourne 1st Amichai Barer $1.399.739
2nd APPT10 Melbourne 1st Alan Engel $1.120.110
3rd APPT9 Melbourne 1st Aristomenis Stavropoulos $1.094.737*
4th APPT9 Melbourne 2nd Lennart Uphoff $959.623*
5th APPT1 Sydney 1st Grant Levy $875.542
6th APPT8 Melbourne 2nd Sorel “1mper1um” Mizzi $874.837
7th APPT8 Macau 1st Gabriel Le Jossec $812.361
8th APPT9 Macau 1st Jimmy Zhou $759.190
9th APPT10 Macau 1st Vladimir Geshkenbein $727.483*
10th APPT10 Melbourne 2nd Tony “Bond18” Dunst $700.069