$100k Guaranteed, for Just $1 Entry. This is WonderWorld

The new 888poker “WonderWorld” promo gives poker players a shot at a $100,000 prize pool tournament for just $1 (along with other goodies)!

The poker world has gone mad. When was the last time you played in a $100k tournament, and bought in for a measly dollar hmm? Well we don’t remember that happening to us in anything except a dream.

888Poker has stepped up with their “WonderWorld” promotion which offers just that – entry into a $100,000 guranteed poker tournament for $1.

How can 888Poker pull this off you ask? The trick is to run many many ‘flights’ (day 1’s) giving players a chance to re-enter and play another day 1 should they fall short of the mark on their first or second attempt at reaching day two in the tournament.

888 100k Wonderworld

No doubt with the tiny entry fee, people will be firing a few ‘bullets’ (paying a few buyi-ns) to make sure they have a big stack on day two, to give them a real chance to win the tournament. The field is likely to be quite ‘soft’ (full of recreational players with less skill than your average ‘pro’), due to the buy-in!

Day 1 flights are running NOW
Day 2 starts on  Monday, June 29th.

How to play in the WonderWorld $100k Guaranteed for just $1

  1. Download 888Poker
  2. Register a new player account
  3. Click the “WonderWorld” tab on the client to see all upcoming flights.

Good luck on the tables!