PPPoker: Review, FAQ and Best Clubs Guide

What is PPPoker?

Web based and app-based poker is nothing particularly new, however new web technologies like html5 have made well-designed poker apps like PPPoker and PokerBros the choice of many poker players, especially in Asia and Australia. PPPoker is one of the biggest players in the poker app space, and in this article we give you all the information you need to know about playing on PPPoker clubs, and where you can find a reputable club in your country.

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PPPoker is a poker site with a mobile app and a quite basic installable desktop poker client. The software enables people to play poker with their friends online, in a private or invite only “club” on the PPPoker site. This simple concept and the free-to-install software has led to droves of players starting to play on the app, worldwide.

By playing via apps like PPPoker, players in countries where real-money poker isn’t regulated have found a way to play the beautiful game of poker online, on clubs similar to those seen for years on PokerStars (home-games). Games are played in play money, which is converted into real money with a PPPoker agent.

PPPoker Software

Why do people love PPPoker?

  • The PPPoker App and desktop client contains everything a player might need to make navigating the lobbies simple – with customization options and filters.
  • The poker client is user-friendly and is translated into many languages
  • PPPoker hosted an online PPPoker World Championship, and a live poker festival with stops around the world in Asia, America, and Europe;
  • Players can receive rewards such as rakeback deals
  • Via agents, chips can be cashed in and out from/to real money.

How do I install PPPoker?

To play PPPoker on a mobile, you can download the app via Google Play (Android) or App Store (iOS devices);
If you want to install the software on your PC you can download the software client from the PPPoker.net website.

Once you create an account and log in, you may create a club and invite their friends to join, or you may join an existing club.
Each club has a “host”. The host or club owner plays the roles of both the card-room manager and the cashier, distributing chips to players in the club and also having the ability to create and configure cash and tournament games in any format (PLO, NLHE, Chinese Poker etc).


  • From day 1, PPPoker built in an “anti-cheat” team to fight against bots, chip dumping and collusion.
  • Players at PPPoker can rest assured that the deal is fair. The random number generator used by PPPoker is certified by Gaming Labs, which guarantees fair games for players.
  • Financial transactions are processed using a p2p protocol and are entirely decentralized (almost like Bitcoin);

Where can I find a PPPoker club?

As we mentioned, anyone can create a PPPoker clubs. Given the global popularity of the platform, it should serve as no surprise that there are literally tens of thousands of PPPClubs out there – way too many to list. free. So, it wouldn’t be an the most important thing a player should do is to only join “safe clubs” – via trusted agents and affiliates.

There are many “bad-beat” stories out there about players losing significant amounts of money after being ripped off by unscrupulous agents. Players should always ask for a bankroll guarantee before depositing into a PPPoker club, and only do business with reputable clubs.