Kimberly Lansing

Kimberly Lansing was a hostess for the World Poker Tour.

Kimberly Lansing is the fun & stunningly beautiful online hostess of the World Poker Tour. She also works as a freelance journalist most notably appearing in InStyle and People magazines and interviewing stars on the Hollywood red carpet.

Kimberly learnt to play poker in Palm Springs, by playing with her partner. Being a competitive person she immediately fell in love with the game.

Last Summer Kimberly played in the WPT Ladies Night event. It was her first multi-table event. She played for nearly 9 hours and found it harder playing against women compared to men. She then proved to be a legitimate poker force by finishing 8th of 445 at the Commerce Casino WPT Invitational.

Kimberly Lansing Highlights:

  • Online presenter for the World Poker Tour
  • Played in WPT Ladies Night
  • Finished 8th of 445 in WPT Invitational Tournament
  • Prefers cash games to tournaments
  • Journalist for People Magazine and InStyle Magazine
  • Notes Kenna James and Barry Greenstein as her favorite pros to interview
  • Lost a heads up bet to Bodog’s Jean-Robert Bellande who will decide what outfit she will wear to an upcoming WPT event – most likely Wonder Woman.