Getting Started with a Bitcoin Poker – Setting Up a Bitcoin Wallet

Setting Up a Bitcoin Wallet

  1. Go to to obtain your FREE crypto wallet
  2. Follow their simple step by step instructions to get set up in seconds:getting started with bitcoin - setting up a bitcoin wallet
  3. Transfer money from your bank account, credit/debit card or crypto ATM into your crypto wallet, it will be automatically converted into Bitcoin at the current conversion rate
  4. Go to your preferred poker room and follow the guide to quickly create your player account
  5. When you have your account, go to the Cashier tab and follow the instructions to transfer Bitcoin from your crypto wallet into your player account.
  6. As soon as your deposit is confirmed, find a game at your preferred stakes, take a seat and play poker!
  7. When you finish playing you can safely leave your Bitcoin in your poker account until your next visit
  8. You can also take Bitcoin from your player account at any time, but you can only do it once in any 24-hour period